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Dincom RaQ Resource


  • Welcome to Dincom RaQ Resource. The information on this site isn't rocket science, but more of an expanded collection of resource collected during the personal upgrading and delevopment of RaQ appliances.

    When we first look into any rebuild / upgrade project. We all do our research. I like many others found that not all questions are answered or explained. It can be very hard to ask that 'stupid' question with fear of a knock back.

    A 'Stupid' question is only stupid if you know the answer!

    My reason for putting together Dincom RaQ Resource was to give help to others that , I won't say know less, but rather say, haven't discovered the information they need.
    I wanted to fill in the missing bits in some of the FAQ's. I myself found that people with the knowledge on a subject often miss some of the (perhaps obvious) detail. I also like to include pictures, screenshots etc. as this always helps to explain.

    When you are trying to learn, it's the small and missing detail that you get hung up on.



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