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APC UPS v1.0-1
 [BQ-5102R] Running on a RaQ

This package brings the original SUN, APC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) support back to the BlueQuartz Admin GUI.

It is based on a quite old verion of NUT ( Network UPS Tools ), but has been put together to allow direct integration of a RaQ running CentOS 3 / BlueQuartz with existing RaQ550 OS appliances.
( SrongBolt Appliances also supported ).

As with the original RaQ55O OS, this package only supports connection to a APC UPS via serial connection.

Supported UPS Models

  • Matrix-UPS
  • Smart-UPS
  • BackUp-UPS

Please refer to the "Sun Cobalt RaQ 550 server appliance - User Manual" for full connection and usage details.


[Download Area]

Dincom APC UPS v1.0-1 is available for the BQ-5102R running with CentOS 3 on original RaQ hardware.
This package has been successfully tested on a Strongbolt CentOS 4 RAQ install.

CentOS 3(4) / BlueQuartz  BQ-5102R-Dincom-APC_UPS-CentOS3_RaQ.pkg


[BQ-5102R] BlueQuartz - APC UPS v1.0-1
Errors associated with the current lack of LCD function.


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