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Document Version: 001.20-December-2006 Howie Dines

Bulging Capacitors in your RaQ

Like many other motherboard manufacturers, the RaQ's also suffer from Bulging and Burst Capacitors.

I was once told, that this was due a batch of cheap components that didn't live up to the operational conditions. However, search on Google for Bulging Capacitors and you will see it's not just a batch of poor quality items.

This fault is too widespread, it can only be under specified or inferior component supply.

[How to Detect & What Can Be Done]

Inside the Raq (3/4) the capacitors that suffer are shown in the picture below. (Click to Enlarge)

It's very easy to detect, by just looking at the to of the Capacitors for bulging. If the failing component goes unchecked you can even see a deplacemnt or leaning.

I have seen a number of units where the Capacitor has actually burst, and a residue is left on the surface of the motherboard. In the following picture you can just make this out between the CPU and the Capacitors.

I should point out that the 'dead' RaQ's that I've seen. Have either been due to blown power supplies, Bad BIOS/Firmware Flashing or have burst Capacitors.

When you detect failing Capacitors, you should seriously consider replacing them if they are at the stage of leaning over or burst. If the tops are just domed, keep a close eye on them and if they continue to grow or lean, then replace.

Replacement is fairly simple, with board removed from the appliance. The Capacitors can be easily sourced from you local electrical components store, 1200f 10v. Using a good soldering iron and solder suction pump replacement is straight forward.


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