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Munin GUI v1.2-1

This package brings system and hardware information within the BlueQuartz admin GUI.

Munin 1.2.5

Bringing the power of Munin 1.2.5 within the GUI. Munin is a great monitoring tool that uses the RRDtool graphical tool to produce image plots showing the operational status of your server. It has a vast range of plugin's to enable the user to adapt to his/her needs. It's always good to be able to see the information produced by Munin but without it being on public display.

New for Munin GUI v1.2-1

1) View the Munin log files within the GUI.
2) BQ GUI 'Style Aware'



[Download Area]

Dincom Munin GUI v1.2-1 is available for a CentOS 3.x / CentOS 4.x based BlueQuartz installation.

You are free to download the package for use on your own servers / appliances.
However the re-packaging for resale is strictly forbidden.

In the past I was asking for you to make a PayPal donation if you found this site useful. However no one felt the urge to do so in the last year !!

So now I would like to draw you attention to the Google adverts on the right hand side of the pages on this site. If you see anything that takes your interest, please follow the link.

This way anything I earn will be able to be ploughed back into the project and will also enable me to buy a number of the NuOnce packages I have my eye's on.

BlueQuartz CentOS 3.x

BlueQuartz CentOS 4.x


[BQ-5102R] BlueQuartz - Munin GUI v1.2-1
None reported at this moment.


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